Miss 'Mindy'

Mindy is a four year old Chinese Crested Powder Puff.  She was a very active Grade 6 Agility dog and very fit and healthy.  Unfortunately, whilst jumping and playing at home (not doing agility), she ruptured a disc in her back, paralysing her back legs.

She underwent major back surgery, with the knowledge that she may never regain use of her legs, thankfully, the operation was successful and Mindy started the long road to recovery.  Mindy's owner was willing to explore every avenue to give Mindy at least some of the quality of life she enjoyed before, which included canine massage.


The improvement in Mindy following massage treatments was very encouraging and just 8 months after her accident Mindy began Agility training again.  Twelve months have passed now since her operation and Mindy, amazingly, is back to competing at the same level of competition as she was before  - and is regularly being placed in competitions.  Regular maintenance massage sessions, now keep Mindy flexible and agile and helps to identify any stresses that may be placed on her back.  



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